Body worship at the spa

body worshipFirst and foremost, thank you to everyone who helped me last year during my charity fundraiser for the One Fund in Boston. As you know, this past week was the 1 year anniversary of the Marathon Bombing and even though I’m far from home, my heart still aches for such devastation. To read stories of survival and strength, you can check out Twitter for the hashtag #BostonMarathon and you can literally FEEL the excitement. Never before has the feeling of #BostonStronger been so alive as it is this weekend. And I’m even getting in on the excitement (in my own way, of course. Because honestly … My legs are phenomenal but I’m not built for running 26.2 miles for ANYTHING).

Support through Pampering

One of the high points of my week is my weekly spa trip. Since moving to Florida I’ve found a nice little spa not too far away from the house that has a lovely atmosphere and each visit, I always feel so indulgent and pampered. From the fresh coffee (they are learning how I drink it) to the soft, relaxing music in the background it really is an escape for an hour that recharges and refreshes me. A woman could really get used to that sort of thing. Wait, what am I talking about? I AM used to that sort of thing, as I get it both from the spa and from my body worship slaves.

Anyway, I bring this up because one of the best parts of said weekly spa visit is manicure/pedicure time. (This week’s nail design is blue and yellow, just for your information. Bonus points to whomever knows why.) I love having my nails prettied up, of course, but I also enjoy the special attention paid to my feet and hands. It’s marvellous.

Body Worship Slaves

Of course, there are fewer men out there who want to shower my hands with attention than men who have a foot fetish, but those who share my passion are rewarded handsomely. On the other hand (if you’ll excuse the unintentional bad pun), I can tell any of you to worship my hands, and you’ll obey me so long as you are worshipping SOME part of my fabulous frame, no?

Luckily for you foot lovers, I am, in fact, in the mood for someone to lavish attention on my feet today. And if you time your calls just right, you may get to be the lucky one who gets to do just that. Now who wants to be the one to make me forget that spa day is still another three or four days from now?


Body Worship

Body Worship Phone sexBody Worship

Take one look at me and I’m sure you’ll agree … Standing at 6’1″ with a 34D-25-33 hourglass figure and legs that go on forever, I am certainly NOT your “average woman”. I am something of a Goddess; and like all Goddesses, I require worship. That worship can take many forms and hearing about the many different ways you would tend to those desires fascinates me. And in the end, I do enjoy having attention lavished upon me, whether it be in the form of gifts, submission or some other fashion of adoration.

Lots of Men Choose Body Worship

This one is a favourite of mine. Particularly since it provides for so many possibilities for branching out. It is often the foot fetishists who do come to me, offering to honour me with a long, drawn out session of pedal supplication.

“Mistress Ryan,” you ask, “what do you mean by ‘possibilities’?” (I’d wondered how long it would take you to notice I slipped that in.)

It’s one thing to indulge in laying back and allowing you to show your devotion to me through oral worship, but as with most power exchange relationships … I am here to push the boundaries.


What if I were to propose that, instead of you spending an hour licking and sucking my toes … that you fold yourself over onto your hands & knees and remain perfectly still as I rest my feet upon your back? If I were to turn tables, if you will, and make you useful to me instead of simply allowing you to admire me. I’m sure you know it’s within my prerogative to treat My worshippers as I see fit and, occasionally that means finding new uses for you … as a chair … an ottoman … a coffee table for my mug to rest.

Many Goddesses are capricious, and I’m no different. If I choose to go the humiliation and objectification route, it’s certainly within my rights to do so. Goddesses ignoring their subjects is hardly uncommon, and my enjoyment of your humiliation is DEFINITELY normal.

Facebook Theme Song

As I promised, I recently had a friend tag me in a post about what they felt My theme song is … the challenge goes something like this: A person usually has a favorite song and that song is usually sort of a “theme song” for themselves. Here’s the game. Come up with a song that makes you think of the person that’s posted this.

I’m taking that idea one step further and will be posting “theme songs” for the other ladies of LDW (and to keep things fair, I’ll be going alphabetically). This will also give some of you a glimpse into my taste in music … for good or bad. So the first 5 are:

Alexandria – For a woman who has legs almost as long as my own, and a truly delightful mind to match, I cannot help but start humming the opening bars to “Tall Cool One“, by Robert Plant.

Alexis – A true aural indulgence if ever I’ve heard one. If you’ve not had a chance to speak with her, I suggest you do so as her style and voice combine to make men weak with delight. And she can make you shimmy your arse too … so I can’t help but think of “Freak Me“, by Silk. Because, if we’re being honest? I would do some INCREDIBLY freaky things with her.

Amber – I don’t really know Miss Amber yet (we’ve not had the chance to get to know each other) but just looking at her playful smile and hearing her naughty voice sample, I couldn’t help it. “Naughty Girls Need Love Too“, by Samantha Fox!

Andi – That sweet voice and devious mind? A lethal combination to be sure – But it’s her ability to make a man feel so much less using SPH that I think sets her apart. “Not Big“, by Lily Allen

Andrea – (My goodness, but there are quite a few new Mistresses for me to introduce myself to!) Just looking at her smile and hearing her voice, you know she’s a woman who knows her place. “Control“, by Puddle of Mudd

So tell me … do you agree with my assignments or do you have a few of your own? Let me know in the comments which theme songs YOU envision for these ladies. Next week: Angelica, Ashley, Ashton, Athena & Audrey!


CFNM Humiliation

CFNM HumiliationThe fear of being stripped bare before someone else is such an ingrained fear in humans that “naked in front of a roomful of people” is one of the most common nightmares that people have. It’s not just the being naked aspect that’s so terrifying. It’s being the only person in the room who’s naked. If two (or more) people are naked together, then that puts them on equal footing. But if you’re in the room with a beautiful Femdom Mistress like me, for example, who is fully clothed while you’re totally in the nude? Well, that puts a much different spin on things, doesn’t it?

I love using situations like this in my favor, of course. What woman wouldn’t?

You see, when you’re submissive, you’re always figuratively stripped bare before your Mistress. But sometimes it’s fun to do it in a literal way as well. It serves to remind you of your place, for one, and it’s also quite amusing to me to boot. And if you’re a fan of erotic humiliation, you’ll like it as well.

Of course, it’s not that I do these things for your pleasure. I do them for my own pleasure. If you just so happen to get your kicks out of them, too, that’s all well and good, but it’s certainly not the point of the whole thing.

But let’s assume that you do enjoy CFNM humiliation. You’ll get to get off on being naked before me, and I’ll get to laugh at the pathetic sight I’m seeing. I can’t imagine anything working out quite as well as that. Can you?

Want to know more? You know what to do.


Coerced Bi

coerced biWhen it comes to finding ways to tease, torment, and otherwise torture subs, your Femdom Mistress stands alone. I come up with new ideas each and every day. At this point, I don’t even have to consciously think about it anymore. My subconscious is forever doing the work for me.

But I digress. I don’t want to tell you *how* I come up with these ideas. I just want to tell you about how I sometimes implement them. Here’s a good example.

As you probably already know, I often enjoy putting my subs into coerced bi situations and having them suck cock for me (among other things). Sometimes, I even get two of them together in one room and have them service one another while I sit back and watch the show. It really is awfully amusing that way.

It’s even more fun when I add some addition rules, like “no cumming without permission” and such. (As if I would give them such permission in the first place.) It’s a form of creative tease and denial that is so much better than anything I could have them do with their own hands, or God forbid, with my own hands.

And, no, before you ask, I don’t eventually take pity on them and let them cum. Quite the contrary. I have them kiss and lick and touch and suck each other until they’re both trembling from the effort of holding their orgasms back…and then I have them do it some more. And when I’ve had enough, it’s back onto strict denial for them! It’s a Mistress’s prerogative, after all.


Strap on Cuckolding

strap on cuckoldingStrap on Cuckolding

When it comes to fantasies about cuckolding, one can approach the topic in many ways. Some people like to jump directly into the training aspect, while others prefer a role play of sorts. I always enjoy exploring the different avenues your fantasy can take and seeing how we might twist things around to suit both of our needs.  That means that as long as you ask me nicely enough, I’m usually willing to along with whatever cuckolding scenario you have in mind … with a little kink in my favour.

The Cheating Wife

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the “cheating wife” scenario. A role play where you “accidentally” discover your wife has been cheating on you, typically via her cum-filled panties being left on the floor or a surprise cream-pie between her thighs. The role play itself usually centers on what happens when the unfaithful partner comes back home from spending time with her new stud.

It’s an entertaining take on the usual cuckolding fantasies, in that the man doesn’t necessarily watch the action. But, as you probably already know, I’m the kind of woman who enjoys changing things up. That’s why one of my favourite warp on the cheating girlfriend/wife role play is talking to you about your unfaithful lady … only to reveal that it’s ME she’s been cheating on you with the entire time. Strap on cuckolding may be unique, but in my world … it’s the best way to put you into your place.

Strap on vs Cock

How does it make you feel to know that she prefers my strap on to your cock? It’s not likely to come down to a discussion of size (although I assure you, I’d win that comparison without much of a fight at all … who can stand up to my infamous Darth Invader strap on?)

Oh, yes, I do love stealing cuckolds’ wives and girlfriends from them. It’s not likely that I’m going to change any time soon, either.