CFNM Mistress

You walk into my room a little nervous; you’ve been warned about my perfectionism.  You glance around as much as you can in the candlelight.  Not one thing is out of place.  The bed is perfectly made.  There is a makeup table giving the room the most feminine of touches.  You are even more nervous now, so nervous that you don’t even notice me standing behind you at first.  Chills run down your spine as you feel a silky gloved finger glide up the back of your arm.

You stand perfectly still as I lean in to whisper, “Get naked for us.”

Then, you hear several pairs of heels clicking on the floor around you, but you don’t dare look up yet.  You’ve wanted so badly to meet with the best CFNM fetish Mistress for so long, but you didn’t realize there would be more than one …

You quickly finish undressing, but continue to look at the floor.  You hear the rustle of skirts and your CFNM Mistress sits down.  Then, her guests sit down after her.  You hear a short applause, very quiet–all gloved hands.

There is a chill in the room as you hear that soft, perfect voice speak, “You are a very eager slave.” You can hear the smile in her voice, perhaps a smirk at your expense.  “Look up and politely greet the guests you will serve tonight.”

You are terrified to look up.

As you glance up to view the room of women gathered to fulfill your clothed female naked male phone sex fantasy, your eyes feast instantly on a group of the most gorgeous women you have had the pleasure of serving.  All are dressed exceptionally elegantly.

You know now that your night of CFNM worship with these beautiful and elegant women would be a night you will continue to remember and fantasize about for years to come.  You know that you cannot get enough of your CFNM mistress.

Finally, after letting yourself gaze momentarily to your peripheral left and right, you let your eyes slowly rest directly in front of you.  Your eyes begin at the perfect black stilettos, then move up the silky stockings, until finally, just before you allow yourself to look your CFNM mistress in the eye, you hear,

“On your hands and knees slave, crawl to us so that we may begin….”


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  • magnus

    Where do I sign up, MsRyan? I’ll be happy to strip out of my Utilikilt for you, and also I’ll be sure to bring plenty of Dunks for everyone.

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